How does it work?

By hosting your phone system in the cloud, you save all the cost and hassle of your own phone server, but still get all the amazing features a PBX can bring to your business.

Here’s a break down.

Hosted PBX solutions such as ours use a technology called Voice Over IP (VoIP) to transmit your voice over the Internet, instead of using traditional telephone lines. That means that you can connect a VoIP telephone to your vControl service over your broadband Internet connection. This is a high quality, cost effective alternative to traditional business telephone systems!


Private Branch Exchanges are notoriously complicated things and this is why most hosted PBX providers charge for making changes. These changes are usually time consuming and difficult. However, to reduce your costs and put you back in the drivers seat, Bluestream has developed the brand new vControl… a tool that gives you complete control over your phone system.


Streamlined, clear and easy to navigate the vControl website provides all the tools you need to self-manage your PBX solution smoothly and efficiently.

Once you are logged in, vControl allows changes you make to take effect immediately!


Once your voice is sent by your phone to Bluestream, it is transmitted via a high-speed computer network to as close as possible to its final destination – be that interstate or the next town. Via huge capacity Internet to Telephone gateways, your call is placed on the normal Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and reaches its destination as a normal telephone call. Not only is it a local call, but volume discounts mean we can offer you amazing untimed call rates.

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