How much does it cost?

We don’t put you on a ‘plan’ like most other VoIP providers. They give you a set number of lines or extensions and force you to bump up to the next plan if you need more, and charge you to have one of their staff change any of the features that you want to update. With BlueStream, you only ever pay for what you use, and you’re the boss, the control is yours, with no fixed term contracts or nasty hidden fees and the ability to make your system yours, changing it to suit you whenever your needs change.

To the right is a list of the services we offer with price. For each phone number, internal number and menu you also have countless options to customise what happens when someone calls in to your business. For example, if it’s before 9am or after 5pm on a weekday the call goes straight to voicemail, otherwise it rings on the reception extension for 20 seconds then all your extensions for 20 seconds before going to voicemail. Or enters a queue or gives them menu options to continue holding or leave a message, or… well, the choices are endless!

All prices listed on our website are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and exclude GST. All credit card transactions are secured using 128 Bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption.


Sign up/Cancellation FREE
Extensions $4.00 per month
Internal Numbers $1.00 per month
Voice Mailboxes $1.00 per month
Lines/Max Simultaneous Calls $8.00 per month
Queues (“an operator will be with you shortly”) $3.00 per month
Menu Items (“press 1 for sales”) $1.00 per month
Default Music On Hold (instrumentals with no vocals) FREE
Custom Hold Music Folders (upload your own music on hold) $3.00 per month
Unportable Numbers (“DID’s”) $3.00 per month
Portable Numbers (“ACMA’s”) $8.00 per month
100 Number Portable Blocks $80.00 per month
Individual Porting Fee $55.00 per number
0800/0508 Numbers $30.00 per month + $0.18 per minute
New 0800/0508 Number $50.00 one off per number
0800/0508 Number Porting Fee $100.00 one off per number
Block Porting Fee $275.00 per 100 number block
Default Music On Hold (instrumentals with no vocals) FREE
Make changes to your phone system FREE
Internal Calls FREE
Calls to NZ/AU 0800 Numbers FREE
Calls to NZ/AU Landlines $0.09 untimed
Calls to NZ/AU Mobiles $0.15 per min (e.g. $0.30 for a 2 min call)
International Rates from $0.02 per min (e.g. $0.04 for a 2 min call to a standard land line in China)
Call Recording $0.05 per min (e.g. $0.10 for a 2 min inbound call)
Voice Recordings by Us (or upload your own for free) $10.00 each
Have a technician customise your dial plan $30.00