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Due to New Zealand regulations, emergency 111 voip calls will not work from this service.

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When you sign up with BlueStream we get you to pre-pay your account with $100. This deposit is fully refundable. When you add items like phone numbers to your services, the cost of these items is taken from your available credit, but when you remove any items the cost is added straight back to your available credit. You can add and remove services as many times as you like, and you won’t pay for them until you’re invoiced at the end of the trial. And if you remove a service like a phone number or extension after you trial is over, you don’t have to pay for ever again if you decide you don’t need it!


Give us a yell and let us know what you want your phones to do that they just aren’t. We’re adding new features all the time and maybe the one you’re after is on the list. But if you’re really not happy, just delete all your services from your account before your first invoice, and shoot us through an email letting us know you’d like to close your account and your deposit minus outgoing calls will be refunded.


Once you’ve created your account, the setup wizard will take you step by step through all of our services to let you pick and choose how many extensions, phone numbers, menus and more that you want. Then from the vControl interface you can go into the dialplans for your phone numbers, internal numbers or menus and tweak them even more! Then, if you choose to have a queue or voicemail box, you can dial them straight away on your new phone number and listen to the call quality. If you’d like to see how it sounds when you’re on a call, and you don’t already have a SIP compatible phone, you can download the free X-Lite software which allows you to use a computer headset with your PC as a test, or you can buy physical SIP phones from the hardware section of vControl. And once you have a phone setup, the sky’s the limit!but remember, you do have to pay for your phone calls

Once you’re in, your extensions are set to go and your new phone number’s ready, you can start chatting away! People will be able to call your number, and you’ll be able to call them right back. And whilst of course incoming calls are not charged, and even internal calls (extension to extension) are free, once you make a call to a landline, mobile or internationally, the cost will be taken from your available balance and is non-refundable.


Please download a copy of the What You Need to Know document which summarises ways to manage your spend, the network our service is provided through, payment methods, and your warranty rights for hardware that you may purchase from us. You may also wish to download a copy of the Communications Alliance Ltd’s document Protecting our Customers.

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To sign up now, please provide us with an email address. We’ll send you an email to confirm this address and once you’ve clicked the link you can continue straightaway. A full price list is available here, and while we require a $100 pre-payment, it is fully refundable within the first 30 days of creating your account minus any outgoing calls you make. Setting up and having an unused account is free of charge!



To be able to make outgoing calls, your account must have a positive balance. Your services and all other features are billed at the end of the month.